Project components

Component А: Health financing and management modernization
Objective: To establish a modern system of health care financing and management by building strategic financing reform capacity at the national level; building purchasing capacity among oblast health departments as single-payers; introducing payment mechanisms that motivate providers to deliver efficient, effective and high-quality services to the population; building capacity in health management; modernizing planning and investment standards in the health sector; and introducing modern tools in performance-based budgeting, forecasting and  monitoring to ensure that health care funds are distributed equitably, efficiently and effectively.

Component В: Health Care Quality Improvement
Objective: To improve the quality of healthcare in Kazakhstan by supporting the development of an accreditation system; strengthening the country’s capacity to develop, disseminate, evaluate and update evidence-based clinical practice guidelines; enabling Kazakhstani specialists to carry out Health Technology Assessment using internationally-accepted standards; and reforming critical aspects of the Blood Transfusion Service and the laboratory system.

Component С: Medical Education and Science Reform
Objective:  Modernization of medical education and research management in line with international standards

Component D: Health Information Management System Development
Objective: To develop and deploy in four oblasts/cities a fully operational international-standard integrated health information system consisting of patient management, resource management and financial management modules that will improve patient care and managerial efficiency; to ensure that at least 75 percent of key users are fully trained and able to use the system to its full functionality; and to create a sustainable institutional base for further deployment of the system and for ensuring long-term technical and operational sustainability.

Component E: Pharmaceutical Policy Reform
Objective: To introduce international best-practices to Kazakhstan’s drug benefit system; to improve the efficiency of procurement, reduce prices and improve quality in drug provision; and to introduce modern techniques for continuous monitoring of the pharmaceutical sector.

Component F: Food safety and WTO accession
Objective: To support the development and introduction of a robust, effective and internationally accepted system for the assurance of food safety in compliance with WTO requirements

Component G: Project Management
Objective: To contribute to achievement of Project Development Objectives through clear, effective and timely project management

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