Subcomponent В1. Accreditation: Modernizing standards for healthcare facilities


Goal: Improve the quality of care through the introduction of a system of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.   Establishment of accreditation system in Kazakhstan has been started in 2007 according to the initiative of the MoH of the RK: national standards of accreditation for tertiary care, inpatient care, PHC, emergency care, dentistry have been developed....

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Steps for development of accreditation standards of the MoE of the RK that conform to international standards

  2009 •             national standards of accreditation (tertiary care, inpatient care, PHC, emergency care, dentistry) were developed and approved 2010 •             evaluation of compliance with standards of accreditation with international requirements 2011 •             improvement of existing standards of accreditation with regard to recommendations of consulting company •             testing of updated standards of accreditation at the...

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Improvement of accreditation policy and procedure in the RK

To develop mechanisms of sustainability of accreditation system within 2014-2015 the AC under support of AGI Cоnsulting, USA an international company had developed draft model for accreditation procedure. According to the model the health facility will be ranked under 3 levels depending on fulfillment of the priority criteria requirements which in detail reflect progress in...

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Conducting national accreditation

Procedure of accreditation of halth facility within national healthcare has been conducted since 2009. Since the project icneption prior to the update of the standards of accreditation according to international requirements mainly public health facilities have participated in the accreditation: in 2009 -1426 health facilities, in 2010-1230 health facilities, in 2011-44 health facilities. In 2012...

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