Project management

Coordination of all project activities is being implemented by the Department for Investment Projects and Core Coordination Team.

The World Bank carries out supervisory functions in procurement of consulting services, goods for compliance with international procedures and provides support in institutional development.

Core coordination team

Core Coordination Team (CCT) was established in order to ensure consistency and continuity of all activities under the Project because of the magnitude of the Project’s tasks, an integrated approach to their implementation and participation of departments of MoH of the RK and subordinated organizations in the Project implementation.

Project Curator (till 30.06.2017), Vice-mister of the Ministry of Health –

Tsoy Alexey Vladimirovich.

Project Implementation Support Team

Project Implementation SupportTeam (PIST) was established in accordance with Loan Agreement for provision of technical assistancefor the effective period of Kazakhstan Health Sector Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform Project implementation.

Project Implementation Support Team, National Coordinator (till 14.02.2017) –

Tokezhanov Bolat Turganovich.

Activities harmonization

The project’s activities have been harmonized with strategic documents related to healthcare issued by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Working meetings

In order to harmonize and synchronize the implementation of activities under different components and subcomponents, as well as ensure their synergy coordination meetings with stakeholders and twinning consulting companies offering technology transfer in the relevant areas of the Project are being held.

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